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Our mission is to provide the items for those out there that are looking for adventure, fun, and that want to be prepared for the unknown. Whether your're looking for something to have some fun with, or you have a storm coming your way, we got what you need! 


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  • Grow Plants Indoors With No Sun

    There is a lot of reasons and benefits to growing plants inside. You can control the environment, keep bugs and animals away from your plants, and more importantly keep the plants safe and hidden in a survival scenario just a... read more

  • Survival Cabin: Well Drilling

    We finally got the well put in at the survival cabin. The whole process was done in one day from the setting up and drilling to the system being ready to pump water. The results of this well are really... read more

  • Make An Oil Lamp From An Orange

    This is a great video that explains how to make an oil lamp out of an orange and some cooking oil. It's all natural and disposable. How often do you come across something like that for light? This is a... read more