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Our mission is to provide the items for those out there that are looking for adventure, fun, and that want to be prepared for the unknown. Whether your're looking for something to have some fun with, or you have a storm coming your way, we got what you need! 


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  • How To Ignite Char Cloth With A Water Bottle

    In this video we show how easy it is in a survival situation to find a water bottle on the ground, fill it with water and use the sun to ignite char cloth exactly like a magnifying glass would do.... read more

  • Survival Cabin - Installed Cabin Overview

    The Cabin Has Finally Been Installed! This cabin is 14x40ft and will have two bedrooms, two lofts, a kitchen, living room, and a full bathroom. Near future plans include a deck out the back door, and a covered porch in... read more

  • How To Make Char Cotton Balls

    This video explains how cotton balls can be charred and prepared just like char cloth. The process is the same as making char cloth. Cotton balls tend to have a longer burn time and are more easy to store than... read more